The focus of the celebration, a future mom I used to call "Contessa."

I gave the baby she was expecting a stuffed Opus the Penguin.

Most in my business don't always make a lot of friends in the kind of job I have, but in this office I first visited in 1986, all of the employees were women, my favorite people. Sure, there was just one minor problem in all the work of theirs I audited that first time, which was exactly the way to break the news to them: there was only one lousy error. It was either my "audit-side-manner" or they were able to discern, intuitively, that I liked them. They didn't mind me coming back in 1987, and were disappointed when the bosses rotated me off in 1988. Even though I didn't visit their office in 1988, they still invited me to "the Contessa's" office baby shower. I built my work schedule for the week around attending the event. So, no, there was no medical miracle in the fact this was my "first baby shower."

The manager of the office. She was like a sister to me. We lost her in 1993 to cancer.


The hostess of the event, making sure everyone got a plate for the goodies. I'm still in touch with her after 23 years.

As you can see, I wasn't the only male hanging around, but I don't remember his name or anything else about him.


My other adopted sister making sure she isn't captured in a close up!