Part 1--The DNC Network 1

This part analyzes the original Day 1 Reporting of the hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Network that supposedly resulted in the publication of emails and attachments by Wikileaks. The big surprise is that NO EMAILS WERE STOLEN


Part 2--The DNC Network 2

Part 2 attempts to answer key questions about the alleged hack of the DNC, including:

1. Could another party, other than the Russians, have been responsible for the alleged hack of the DNC?

2. Could anyone who hacked, or just stole, the DNC emails have had a motive other than to help Donald Trump get elected when Trump was not even nominated for President at the time?

3. Who is lying about when the DNC Management discovered that their network was breached, the FBI, the DHS, or the DNC Management? (We might have a definitive answer to this starting in Parts 3 and 4. It might have been someone other than the three entities listed here.)


Part 3--The DNC Network 3--The Jumbled Timeline of the Alleged Russian Hack of the DNC

Part 3 discusses a recent experiment conducted by former NSA executive and whistleblower William Binney to analyze the download speed of an alleged hacker download on the DNC network to determine if the download was directed from Russia. The experiment turned out to be outside the timeline of when the DNC emails were stolen and Julian Assange of Wikileaks received them.


Part 4--The DNC Network 4--The Cybersecurity Report that Makes You Go..."HUH?"

Part 4 is a critique on the disasterous Crowdstrike engagement to eliminate the hacking of the DNC network, allegedly perpetrated by Russian agents directed from Russia. We will show with copious documentation that the Democratic Party did not need to lose all of those emails that wound up with Wikileaks sometime before June 12, 2016.


Part 5--The DNC Network 5--The Pied Piper Candidate Strategy: Who Got Trump Nominated?

Part 4 deals with the "Pied Piper Candidate" strategy developed by Hillary Clinton for her 2016 run, along with just who is really responsible for getting Trump nominated. Again, Trump has to get nominated before the Russians could manage to get him elected, and, thus far, no one has come up with an explanation about how Trump managed to win the Republican nomination. I'll give you a hint---Vladimir Putin had nothing to do with it. Articles from one liberal journal, a middle-of-the-road journal, and a conservative publication will be used as sources, along with the candid comments of the CNN reporter charged with following one of the major candidates of the 2016 election. Some Wikileaks DNC emails will be used, too, so no one better tell Chris Cuomo.