Part 1--The DNC Network 1

This part analyzes the original Day 1 Reporting of the hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Network that resulted in the publication of emails and attachments by Wikileaks.

Part 2--The DNC Network 2

Part 2 attempts to answer key questions about the alleged hack of the DNC, including:

1. Could another party, other than the Russians, have been responsible for the alleged hack of the DNC?

2. Could anyone who hacked, or just stole, the DNC emails have had a motive other than to help Donald Trump get elected when Trump was not even nominated for President at the time?

3. Who is lying about when the DNC Management discovered that their network was breached, the FBI, the DHS, or the DNC Management?

Part 3--The DNC Network 3

Part 3 deals with the "Pied Piper Candidate" strategy developed by Hillary Clinton for her 2016 run, along with just who is really responsible for getting Trump nominated. Again, Trump has to get nominated before the Russians could manage to get him elected, and, thus far, no one has come up with an explanation about how Trump managed to win the Republican nomination. I'll give you a hint---Vladimir Putin had nothing to do with it. Articles from one liberal journal, a middle-of-the-road journal, and a conservative publication will be used as sources, along with the candid comments of the CNN reporter charged with following one of the major candidates of the 2016 election. Some Wikileaks DNC emails will be used, too, so no one better tell Chris Cuomo.

Part 4--The DNC Network 4

Part 4 deals with the nasty business of "Opposition Research" involving foreign governments, and private foreign interests, down through the decades. We'll see a US Senator ask the chief of state of the Soviet Union for assistance in defeating an incumbent President, for example. The Soviet Union is now Russia, and not one thing was done to investigate the Senator in question. We will see an incumbent President use foreign policy spectacles as props to manipulate the voters in the run up to the President's re-election. All of this before we start in on the bizarre business of the 2016 campaign's "Virtual" use of foreign governments to manipulate the voters. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, we didn't live in a cartoon world, but we do now. When a country has 17 spy agencies, the citizens can't expect to live in any other kind of world.

Part 5--Some Catching Up

There have been more "breaking stories" in the media about this since I finally broke down and started publishing on-line, despite the fact I knew more and more "stuff" would be "revealed" (before it is buried or retracted) and I would have to cover all of that. I will touch on several of these, including what I call "The Junior Affair," "Seventeen minus Fourteen is Three," "Larry King: Russian Agent," "A New Look at the Metadata of the DNC Breach," "Mr. Comey and His Memos," and "The Virtual World of Fusion GPS." I hope nothing more is breathlessly reported in the meantime, because I won't cover it.