A copy of a still from network news coverage of activity at the Sandy Hook Firehouse near Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on December 14, 2012. Take note of the large garage style shed in the background, behind the people and the parked cars. The location of the shed on this property will be documented in aerial and ground photographs that follow. Note also some of the dark blue highlights on the edges of some of the people and on the pole that is in front of the woman in the jeans and tan sweater looking at her cell phone. This is evidence of "bluescreen bleed," when pixels are affected by poor bluescreen insertion.

In the above photograph, you can see that the garage-type shed is located some distance away. The camera taking the shots like the first one above must be located to the left of the circle near the rear corner of the firehouse. Taking the footage at that angle should totally exclude the shed from the background as it is too far down and to the right. A subsequent photo will show just how far away the shed is from the back of the firehouse.

This view of the rear corner of the firehouse that dominated this footage of the Sandy Hook Firehouse activity on December 14, 2012 shows clearly that the garage-like shed is not even in this photograph it is that far away from that part of the firehouse property.

This is an interesting view because it shows the shed in relation to the firehouse from the perspective of looking from the elementary school toward the firehouse that is at the entrance to the one-way road that is the only way in or out of the school. It is interesting for another reason. The people pushing the gurneys up the road from the firehouse to the school are proceeding at appears to be a leisurely pace for a critical emergency of this kind. Since bodies were not removed from the school until after dark, these technicians must be going to remove the two wounded people. They appear to not be in a hurry, and there is no explanation for moving on foot rather than using ambulances that were available in great numbers, and from several communities, at the firehouse. It could be that this still was shot at a drill held at the school the previous October. Since there are no Christmas lights on the firehouse in some of the footage, but were visible in several live network reports, the October drill footage might have been the background inserted onto the bluescreen. An analysis of the clothing being worn and the foliage on the trees could provide additional clues as to when the footage was actually shot. It is not necessary to say this but the news viewing public should not have to wonder when, or where, video was taken when trying to learn about a tragic event such as this.